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The Museum of the House of the Zacatecana protects decorative works of art, as well as sculpture and paintings of Mexico, Europe and East of the XVIIth to XXth centuries.

These exquisite furniture and objects of daily use of diverse epochs, are in this museum thanks to the idea and effort of the Lic. Jose Antonio Origel Aguayo, who dedicated his life to assemble all the works that they present here.


El Lic. Origel, nació en la ciudad de México el 13 de junio de 1948, siendo el menor de cinco hermanos y quedando huérfano de padre a la edad de 5 años, se vio obligadi a desarrollar desde la infancia valores como la tenacidad en el trabajo, la responsabilidad y la solidaridad entre otros.

Lic. José Antonio Origel Aguayo

From early age he showed inclination for collecting objects of diverse nature. At the age of 14 he managed to save and to buy his first vase that had belonged to his father, this one was the beginning of what was his passion: the antiquities.

He realized all his university studies in the Mexico City, graduated of Licentiate in Commercial Relations and had the #1 brokerage had of the Federal District.

He turned into a very known collector in the way and the same destiny that brought him to Querétaro, was the one that on July 17, 1998, while traveling to Michoacán, made him lose his life.

The Museum Marries of the Zacatecana, as sn institution dedicated to spread the art, promotes the knowledge of the past of the Universal culture by Applied (Hardworking) Art exhibited in majestic rooms that inspire the visitor to observe, learn and overcoat to enjoy the cultural patrimony that means the Museum.

The commitment with the society begins with the cultural contribution to the childhood up to the support in labour matter that the Museum Casa de la Zacatecana provides to the third age, who are worthy representatives of the Institution and that will share their experience with the visitors.

The Museum Casa de la Zacatecana is a way of effective communication between the Art and the visitor.

The Museum Casa de la Zacatecana is one of the institutions of cultural diffusion of Querétaro's State that differs for the quality of the exposed works, the environment in which the same ones show themselves and especially for the warmth of the personnel who are compromised by the visitors. Likewise, the Museum Casa de la Zacatecana is the only place for the accomplishment of events of social type that seek to stand out in an exclusive and agreeable environment.