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The house of the Zacatecana is located in the number 6 of the former street of " The High Flower " (nowadays Independence No. 59) It is known under this name due to the mysterious legend, based on a fact that took place in 1859. The writer Valentín F. Frías in his book "Leyendas y Tradiciones Queretanas ", he recounts the story as it follows:

" … The Zacatecana, owner of this house of the XVIIth century, gave the orders to kill her husband and later she killed the executor of the murder and both remained buried secretly in the stable of the house, staying these secret crimes. The Zacatecana had to the end the payment deserved to her crimes, since a little time later it dawned murdered; nobody knew the one who was an author of this revenge, staying this conclusion in the mystery. Died the Zacatecana, and due to the macabre legend, the tenants were remaining a little time in it, because according to the popular tradition, there were many frights.”


Valentín Frías indicates in the same book that in this big house, the Process of the illustrious prominent figures of the Second Empire was written in 1867, and also there was embalmed the body of the brave General Don Miguel Miramón.

In 1959, Mr. Rodolfo Loyola Borja acquired the building and restored it up to turn it inhabitable. The Loyola Vera family lived there calmly for 30 years.

In 1992 the Lic. Jose Antonio Origel bought this big house with the illusion of turning it into a museum and spreading the legend. Unfortunately the Lic. Origel dies in 1998, but his wife took to end the original idea, exhibiting here, each and every of the collections with the intention of sharing with the queretanos and its visitors this legacy. This is how the Zacatecana´s house became a space for art and tradition in Santiago de Querétaro.